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Professional Onboarding

This advanced onboarding opens the door to professional hearing care within your practice. You'll be listed as a network provider for the convenience of your patients as well as those visiting your area. You'll receive 6-hours of dedicated expertise from audiology professionals to ensure the Grand Opening of hearing care services is a complete success.  In addition, we'll provide advanced equipment for servicing patients and their hearing aids. Our wireless video otoscope allows you to show patients their ear canal and identify wax or offer assurance that a hearing test is necessary. Online certification programs, included with Professional Onboarding, build staff members' confidence and know-how. Onboarding includes the following, plus the Essential Onboarding below. 

  • Onsite hearing professional to set up your practice, provide training, and/or provide grand opening sales and support.
  • Wireless video otoscope - x1
  • Certification(s) of Training - quantity of certifications varies with package options.
  • Full access to Partner Resource Center.

Essential Onboarding

Introduce your patients to hearing care services via an office makeover. The essential onboarding gives you everything you need to start the conversation with patients such as displays, a demonstrator hearing aid, and essential equipment to service the hearing impaired and lead them to a hearing test.

Essential Onboarding Includes:

  • Large display (18x12) - x1
  • Desktop adhesive displays (8x4) - x5
  • Demo hearing aid for display - x1
  • Diagnostic hearing aid stethoscope - x1
  • Hearing aid cleaning tools kit - x1
  • Battery tester - x1
  • Otoscope - x1
ROI: Varies with package. Estimated up to 30% of eyeglass revenue.
Audiometer Brand: Shoebox
Annual Calibration/Service Fee Yes
Diagnostic Equipment Brand: Welch Allyn otoscope, Resource mini vac, and standard hearing aid stethoscope.
Annual Calibration/Service Fee No
Hearing Instrument Brand: Varies with package. PSAP's offered at bronze level. OTC's provided at silver and gold levels. Prescriptive name brand Instruments provided exclusively at the professional platinum level.
Hearing Aid Sales Volume Discounts Yes! Purchase 10 or more units for a 10% discount.