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Our turnkey systems make creating a specialty practice simple. From the first day we'll guide you through the process of equipping, setting up, and implementing your hearing care program within your optical location(s). This is your hearing care program and we serve to support you with marketing, strategies, and the execution of know-how. 
Which package is best for your practice? Grow your practice by choosing from our Gold or Professional Platinum Packages. Purchase your onboarding consultation today and receive an expert evaluation of your potential as a hearing care specialty practice and which package is most appropriate. Take the first step and call today and begin your onboarding to join our growing network of like-minded professionals.


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Diversifying in our always-changing world is a necessity now, more than ever.

Are you ready to join the many optical practices adding audiology services? With decades of experience in optometry and audiology, our consultants apply streamlined processes to simplify the integration of hearing care. For as little as a few hundred dollars you can introduce your patients to turnkey hearing solutions within your practice.

The hearing aid market is a 10 billion dollar industry and growing. The combination of eye and ear care as a successful business model has been proven for decades. Considering that over 90% of hearing aid users have vision loss, there's never been a more qualified demographic for optical practices. If that's not enough reason to get on board, here's more:

1) With minimal change to your practice and very little investment, provide a completely new service for your patients. Everyone wins! Plus, we're so confident in your success we'll repurchase all Eye and Ear equipment if not satisfied.

2) Monetize your new services and add revenue through hearing aids.

3) Today's consumers value one-stop shops. Consider the big-box retailers and the booming business of their optical, plus audiology model. Claim your place, as they have, and become the talk of the town with your grand opening in hearing care. 



 Transforming practices through:

  • Certifications for OTC hearing aids and advanced training in running an audiology practice

  • Lead Generation for hearing care patients as well as vision
  • Increased Revenue with little cost and change to the existing practice (ROI)
  • Collaboration with local and/or industry audiologists and physicians
  • Network Care for patients fitted through our growing partner network
  • Promotional Displays to start the conversation around hearing care

The combination of eye care and hearing care services offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking comprehensive healthcare and improved overall well-being. Here are some compelling reasons to consider the integration of these services:

1. Sensory Synergy: Vision and hearing are two vital sensory functions that work together to provide a complete perception of the world around us. By addressing both aspects of sensory health, individuals can optimize their overall sensory experience and quality of life.

2. Convenience and Efficiency: Combining eye care and hearing care services in one location or under one healthcare provider allows for streamlined and coordinated care. Patients can save time and effort by scheduling appointments, receiving diagnostics, and accessing treatments or interventions in a single visit or facility.

3. Comorbidity Considerations: Research has shown that there are strong associations between certain eye conditions and hearing loss. For example, studies have linked age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma with a higher prevalence of hearing loss. By addressing both conditions simultaneously, healthcare providers can better manage comorbidities and develop more comprehensive treatment plans.
4. Holistic Approach to Aging: As individuals age, vision and hearing impairments become increasingly prevalent. By integrating eye care and hearing care services, healthcare providers can take a holistic approach to address the specific needs and challenges faced by older adults, promoting active and healthy aging.

5. Patient-Centered Care: By offering a comprehensive range of services, healthcare providers can cater to the diverse needs of their patients. This patient-centered approach allows for personalized care plans and a more holistic understanding of individuals' health profiles, enabling better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

6. Health Education and Prevention: Combining eye care and hearing care services provides an opportunity for health education and preventive measures. Patients can receive information about the importance of regular screenings, early detection, and lifestyle modifications to maintain optimal vision and hearing health.

In conclusion, the integration of eye care and hearing care services offers a comprehensive approach to sensory well-being, convenience for patients, better management of comorbidities, and a more holistic understanding of individuals' health. By considering both aspects of sensory health, individuals can enhance their overall quality of life and promote long-term health and well-being.


Schedule with us to learn more. Also, join us for periodic webinars to learn of details and case studies. 

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