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Here's how your eye care provider can help.

We make hearing care more accessible by facilitating a collaboration between eye and ear care professionals. Contact us today for your nearest Eye and Ear provider and begin 3 simple steps to better hearing.  

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1. Create Hearing Profile: As part of the iPad intake app, we'd like to know your hearing history. Plus, we outline our HIPAA compliance. Your results are confidential, but if you choose can be shared across our growing network of professionals to ensure access to test results and hearing aid fitting information.  






2. Complete Hearing Test: Your certified practice staff will test your hearing, or initiate your self-administered hearing test depending on the equipment package used onsite. You'll be prompted to respond to tones as we create your digital audiogram.  






3. Experience Better Hearing: Your provider will assist you in selecting a hearing aid that best fits your hearing profile. Your certified provider will fit hearing aids up to a moderate loss of hearing. The provider may also enlist the services of a partner specialist in cases where hearing loss exceeds a moderate degree of loss to provide the appropriate level of amplification. Not only do hearing aids vary in amplification, they also vary in features. You may wish to try some of these great feature while at the practice to experience the many benefits of hearing aids.

Your provider will consult with you about your results and discuss solutions. When necessary, you may be referred to a partnered ENT or audiologist for further testing.