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An Optometry & Audiology Collaboration

We channel multidisciplinary teamwork to deliver better outcomes for patients. Through collaboration, our partners provide greater public accessibility and affordability in hearing care. Our goal is that patients will experience healthier aging and greater well-being as a result.

Advancements in technology, and an unmet need for accessible hearing care, have created new possibilities for fittings to be performed outside of the traditional audiology practice. With the development of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, patients have more autonomy in assessing their hearing, monitoring how their hearing devices are working, and adjusting their own hearing aids, indicating that we are in a new era of patient-driven care. Nonetheless, the need for professional involvement can not be underestimated. Our optical partners are trained through our EyeCanHear Certification in how to clean, service, and troubleshoot OTC hearing aids resulting in greater satisfaction over online retailers.

Our business model expands the reach of trained dispensers through our Eye and Ear partner network. Although we package hearing care solutions specifically designed for optical practices, our goal is to channel business to our audiology partners who register with us. We foster a strong collaborative program in which patients are referred to licensed audiology partners as regulations require. Audiologists benefit from partnering with optometrists by receiving leads for those requiring extensive testing and fitting expertise. This collaboration champions professional care from audiologists and optometrists alike.

We provide audiology partners with a vested interest in the success of this collaboration in their areas. As a Workers Cooperative, audiology partners have an actual stake in the success of The Co-op. We are a privately held, partner-owned and operated audiology services company headquartered in the US.

We play a key role in maintaining a vibrant patient-provider relationship in contrast to the growing online model. Join with us to support your local professionals and build a new vision in hearing care.


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"Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.
If I could have only one sense, I would choose hearing. Then I wouldn't feel so alone."
- Helen Keller