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Diversifying in our always-changing world is a necessity now, more than ever.










The hearing aid market is a 10 billion dollar industry. If that's not enough reason to get onboard, here's more:

1) With minimal change to your practice, and very little investment, provide a completely new service for your patients. Everyone wins! Plus, we're so confident in your success we'll repurchase all Eye and Ear equipment if not satisfied.

2) Monetize your new services and add revenue through hearing aids.

3) We can make your eye clinic an Eye and Ear sansation! Todays consumers value 1 stop shops. For example, because of its convenience and appeal, big-box retailers have long since placed eye and ear care under 1 roof. Become the talk of the town with your Grand Opening in hearing care. 



We'll transform your practice through:

1) Certifications for OTC hearing aids and advanced training in running an audiology practice

2) Lead Generation for hearing care patients as well as vision

3) Increased Revenue with little cost and change to the existing practice (ROI)

4) Collaboration with local and/or industry audiologists and physicians

5) Network Care for patients fitted through our growing partner network

6) Promotional Displays to start the conversation around hearing care


Our onboarding programs provide essentials to introduce hearing care to your patients. In addition, our Partner Resources provide you and your team with tools to operate a successful hearing clinic.  

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Essential Onboarding

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