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If you're needing to reorder OTC products, wanting to co-op direct mail, or design a complete office makeover around Eye+Ear, our Partner Resources are for you!

Let's find the best recourses to build your specialty practice. Simply add items to your cart and when complete click "checkout." If you need assistance, please call: 1-888-4EYEEAR (4393327) Provide 10 -14 days for fulfillment.

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EyeCanHear Certified Partner Resources

Partner Resource: EyeCanHear Certificate


Partner Resource: Over-The-Counter Self-Fitting Aid


Partner Resource: Office Brochure


Partner Resource: AARP display


Partner Resource: Consulting Appt Card


Partner Resource: Customizable Co-op Mailer 50/50 Cost Split


Partner Resource: Certified Window Cling by Eye and Ear (requires partnership pkg)